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Young Professional 的

Career Development 社群



Lean Entrepreneurship; processes & skills


- Product-Market Fit & customer discovery

- Growth Hacking

- Customer retention and value enhancement

- Finding and forging your team

- Design Thinking 

- ODM processes





Personal Career Entre/Intra-preneurship


- Identify high-fit career/industry/company candidates

- Crucial: Assess org's openness to your creativity/innovation styles

- Guerrilla Job Attack - Alt Paths, Not "sucker crowd" paths




Communications for Global Effectiveness


- Pitching & Presentations

- Your "Elevator Pitch"

- Persuasion Methods

- Meeting effectiveness

- Body language: seeing the hidden, your expression, influencing others

- Facilitating & Leading small teams

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    Key Components   



外師 - 前美國麥肯錫顧問 - Gary Lewis


Selected coaching & training experience in Executive Presentations, Persuading Global Executives, & Western Logic Structures


In the last eight years, Gary has coached and trained 300 executives, managers, marketers & senior engineers to present and persuade more effectively – especially to global audiences. 


Gary's presentations coaching focuses on audience empathy, rigorous prioritization of persuasion objectives, mastery of Western Logic, integration of Chinese persuasion patterns, careful message sequencing, simplifying for memorability & impact, credible presence, emotional persuasion factors, and engaging interactive delivery. 


Gary initially learned presentation skills as a McKinsey consultant, and has delivered several hundred business presentations in America, Europe, Taiwan, China and Kenya. He has developed many unique methods that help professionals from Asian cultures to persuade and influence Western executives, business people & engineers.

發起人 - 創業兔 - Rabbie Kao (小兔)


高而芬(ErhFen Kao),網路筆名高小兔(Rabbie),是個創業家(Entrepreneur)、科技部落客(Tech blogger)與社群網絡營造者(Community Curator)。2015 年與兩位交大學長姐合夥成立了 Spring Drive,旨在透過業師網絡的力量幫助新創團隊開拓全球各地的市場。而目前為 Coworking Taiwan 台灣共用工作空間交流協會的共同發起人與傳教士,主要工作是幫助台灣的共用工作者建立起群眾效應。同時,她也是 AppUniverz 台灣創新行動服務推廣協會的執行秘書,台北商務中心 CLBC 的顧問,以及數位時代的特約撰稿與滔客數位科技誌的主編。

【RisingU 國際職場創新養成】


是一個專注在互聯網時代 Young Professional 的 Career Development 社群


透過連續四個月,每週六下午一點到六點,十六堂課,共 80 小時的培訓,由前美國麥肯錫顧問 Gary Lewis 創業兔 Rabbie Kao 聯手,與多位 facilitators 共同帶領大家學習「國際職場創新養成」必備的 skill set。學習 McKinsey、BCG 等知名管顧公司的策略思維,結合矽谷的 lean startup、design thinking、business model canvas 等創業工具,透過緊密的小組高互動討論與協作,幫助彼此把個人職涯當作創業來管理,共同增進國際競爭力。


Every Sat. 13:00 - 18:00

from March to June


3/8, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 

5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23, 5/30, 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27


Total 16 classes

Amazing 80 hours!

( $ 250 NTD per hour )

( $ 20,000 NTD in total )


About RisingU's Curriculum



                                  Class: 30-50 people


                                  * Small groups with facilitators

                                  * Learn 

                                  - Lecture 

                                  - Discussion

                                  - Analysis

                                  - Coaching

                                  - Doing

                                 * Networking

                                 * Rising Projects

                                 * Social Events






RisingU 現正開放報名中,2/24-3/7 第二波報名!




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